Well well well, drugies, today is Tuesday, I am sitting here in Korova Milk Bar, enjoying the sounds of our restless-full-of-energy-sun-of-a-gun X8, relaxing after more-than-hectic week. (Hello. I am sitting there too, just dying to grab my red pen and mess with this review in my usual fashion. Here we go: "enjoying the sounds of .... X8 tossing and turning in the DJ booth, slowly sliding from very good jazzy jungle to straight-up 4x4 techno which is not as interesting but is much easier to spin. And what's with the dashes and hyphens? OK, I'll shut up now. Go ahead, Mike.) I already mentioned what happened at our last SYNTHETIKA drug's gathering a week ago... (Strizhov & XBOCT) Well, the rest of the week was by no means any quieter. The entire PRODAC crew worked their butts off preparing and organizing two BG's concerts.

The first one took place right here in our sweet and cozy headquarters - Korova Milk Bar. The crowd really enjoyed Grebenschikov and themselves. And Grebenschikov enjoyed the MOLOKOs. Everything was nice and smooth (what a thing to say about the concert of a rock musician! No! It was not nice and smooth! It was incredible! The sound was perfect, the songs were great, and even the skeptics were impressed. That's right.) except for one asshole with a video camera (who gave him one anyway?) (who cares anyway) who did his best to make a scandal and, to give him full credit, almost succeded, using the racial remarks which totally defeat the entire concept of PRODAC's drug's gatherings. But well, "v sem'ye ne bez uroda". The asshole was thrown out and the party went on (at this point I would like to interrupt this story with the words of thanks to that poor schmuck. The crowd there at Korova had common interests and common friends, and the only thing lacking for total unity was a common enemy. Thank you, you idiot, for volunteering. But next time you will not be asked to leave politely, so please behave like a grown up and at least pretend to be nice). After BG was gone, Khvost ,who of course was there too, performed some of his stream-of-conciousness chants with the help of J. Spektor (Cookie Conspiracy) (and what a sad stream that was. Somehow that whole thing totally didn't fit my mood so I went out looking for lolli-pops. Or am I just too young?)...

The Friday performance of BG in the Lion's Den was smooth, less crazy but a bit boring. But most of the people were different from Thursday, so they had no basis for comparison and still enjoyed the show a lot. Anyway, it's only my opinion.

As for my and X8's mysterious and unexpected disappearance (which no one probably noticed :) since the web site only had 6 hits while there was a reference to this) - right after the show on Friday we went to Philly where we stayed at the house of our frends Zenon and Nelly whom we met and became friends with at the same concert - relaxing, chatting, discussing various issues (from books to arts to philosophy to music) and enjoying some nice synthetic sounds from Zen's huge electronic dance music collection as well as BG's "Russian-Abissinian Orchestra", the present of Grebenschikov... (Now there's the true spirit of raving! Thumbs up, guys!)(Mike, your really should do something about the size of your sentences, unless you plan to grow a beard and write War and Peace all over again. Need I remind you that it's not the size that matters?:)

Well, I am really happy that everything is really MOVING (wow, take it easy there. what kind of moloko have you been drinking lately?). Yeah-yeah-yeah. Time to get some moloko and chill out (need I say more???).

Very soon we'll post a detailed schedule of upcoming events. Be prepared for some surprises. For now - props to everybody who made it happen: Strizov, Benya, the entire PRODAC crew and all of you, our friends - without your constant help and support we would get nowhere.

Thanx to BG and good luck to him recording his new album!

Love you all!

Mike M.D.

(and Benya. Now playing : Amber by Autechre)