CYRCON: Latinitza & Cyrillic Converter

CyrCon can translate latinitza into cyrillic characters and convert between the following cyrillic encodings: windows-1251, iso-8859-5, koi8-r, mac-cyrillic and dos cp 866, as well as UTF-8 and UTF-16 unicode encodings.

You can then copy the text to windows clipboard as either unicode or localized text and paste it into another application, such as e-mail.

CyrCon for Windows can open and save plain text, UTF-8 and UTF-16 files.

CyrCon for Windows works on any Win-32 platform such as Windows 98 or Windows XP. Command-line CyrCon works on Windows or Linux.


  • CyrCon for Windows

    This is the file you should download if you are not sure what to get.

    The installation procedure is as follows: unzip into the directory of your choice and create a shortcut to cyrcon.exe. To use any non-windows cyrillic encoding, configure the fonts in the font setup dialog.

    To uninstall, delete this file and the shortcut.

    Command-line CyrCon

  • for Windows
  • for Linux
    if you need to convert text in batch files or shell scripts. After downloading and decompressing the appropriate file, run ccc -h for instructions.

    Version History

    Version, Dec 15, 2003
    -Some changes to compilation procedure
    -Minor fixes of console version
    -Linux port of console version

    Version, Dec 11, 2003
    -By popular request, convert from cyrillic to latinica
    -Source and target encoding displayed in status bar
    -Some minor fixes

    Version, Nov 24, 2003
    -Fixed reading and writing UTF-16 files to make them compatible with Windows Notepad

    Version, Jul 30, 2003
    -Automatically recognize UTF-8 when pasting text from clipboard
    -Gost 7.79-2000 Latinica encoding (thanks to Sergey L Rozanov for the suggestion)
    -Console build : a command line version of cyrcon. Launch "cyrcon_console.exe help" for usage instructions

    This program is written in Delphi 5. Download the source code here: