Strizhov and XBOCT live @ Korova

Tuesday, September 30
Live act by Strizhov and Khvost
artwork by Spektor and Krot

in short : success beyond any expectations, despite Todd (the bar owner) going nuts about the freezer switching off and the place being overcrowded.

Review by Mike M.D.

	Yestersay's (Sept. the 30th) SYNTHETIKA drugs' gathering at KOROVA
MILK BAR was probably the most memorable out of the whole sequence of such
events we (PRODAC) have produced so far. After almost two months of
existance of our weekly Tuesday's SYNTHETIKA we start really seeing the
results, and some of them are of unexpected scale...

	Yesterday we have had two very special performances: poetry
readings by our drugs Dmitry Strizhov and Alexey Khvostenko (aka Khvost)
along with experimental electronic sounds carefully selected and mixed by
our experienced DJ D-Gree. Each performance had lasted for about 30
minutes: Strizhov went first, and then Khvost "closed" the artistic part
of the evening. There were computer animated visuals, as usual, but this
time we have also had something else: using movable slide projector, our
drugs Spektor and Krot were shooting the images of their art works to the
specially designed screen, walls and faces of people. I, Mike M.D., was
hosting, and X8, as usual, was providing good vibes. Even though the
beginning of tusovka was announced at 10:00 pm, the place has gotten
virtually packed at 9:30, and by 10:45 we had to close the doors since
with the official capacity of 150 people, by that time there was at least
250 tusovshchiks at KOROVA. The crowd was great, and so the vibe was like
at the best parties I went to. Among the visitors there were Boris
Grebenshikov (AQUARIUM) and Yuri Shevchuk (DDT). There were, of course,
some nedostatki (since we didn't expect that many people, we have only had
one bartender and no security system, and so some people didn't get served
or treated properly), but the most common thing I have heard yesterday was
"Spasibo! That was great!" We're definitely going to take everything into
account for the next time...

After the main part of the ceremony everybody was enjoying the moloko with
the trip-hop sounds of another drug of ours -- DJ USUL (Space Kadets

Don't forget -- PRODAC's SYNTHETIKA @ KOROVA MILK BAR takes place every
Tuesday. Besides our regular hangouts, some special events are on their
way, such as our "HELL-O-WEEN" party and an experimental movie
presentation by Vadim Pevzner. Those are for October, so look forward to
them! Check back here for event schedules.

			For now -- PEACE!
							Mike M.D.

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Track listing from the performance:
PART 1. Dmitry Strizhov
1. Army of Lovers
2. DJ Spooky - Juba
3. DJ Vadim - Who the hell am I
4. Aphex Twin
5. Uberzone - Botz (electro mix)
6. Crystal Method - Vapor Trail
7. Photek - Ni-Ten-Ichy
8. Mu-ziq - Approaching Menance
9. Orbital - The Box

1. Banco De Gaia - Drunk as a monk
2. Tundra's Ghost - Haiyr-Khan
3. Sub Dub - Jaw Breaker
4. Blame - Record 3
5. PFM - Dannys Song
6. Elements
7. Kitachi - Aloof
8. Sub Dub - Photon Torpedo
9. Orb - Perpetual Down
Mixed Tapes will be available October 31

A necessary disclaimer for those who need it: the words "drugs" above does not mean narcotics. It means friends. Cross-reference Clockwork Orange for explanations

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