Our crew has been taken part of the scene as ravers for nearly
six years. In those six years we have seen many things: we have witnessed
the scene growing, the music developing and the energy level becoming more
powerful and strong. However, we have also witnessed many things going
wrong, things we didn't like. A lot of aspects related to the ideology
that rules our scene were lost while we were starting to get bored
attending parties with astronomical prices. OK, there's an amazing DJ
lineup; yes, amazing lights; and yes, a huge venue. But where are creative
thoughts, where's the difference from a party to a party? To us it was
lost. This was the scene where we found love, best friends and ourselves.
Nothing compared to the feeling we had by being ravers, but now it was
getting bad. 

	In April of 96 my good friends Jessica and Nine of NuClear
Energy, NY asked me if I would like to be involved with a party they were
producing called MELTDOWN (April 19th). I was honored because this crew
had my up most respect and the respect of many throughout the scene: they
fueled their events with the ideology ONE MUSIC - ONE PEOPLE, and you
could see it was true because 99% of these events were outlaws. No money
was involved - just music and people. Much respect to them! Thus GEMINI
PRODUCTIONS was born. MELTDOWN was a financial disaster but the party was
an amazing success. I then realized that I could make a difference by
being involved with MY scene, not just a party attendee. So, for those
months when we were promoting their events I felt perfectly fit and in
touch with the ideology.

	About eight months later I threw my own event called TRINITY (Dec.
26th). Again, it was a financial disaster but an amazing party. I didn't
care that we lost money: we gained respect. My main concern was the
people, not my wallet. TRINITY was intimidated event with tons of candy and
home made chocolate chip cookies, and DJs were slamin', so we had a
success! We were to do another event called LOVE TRIANGLE on Feb. 14th...
Everything was wonderful with our production crew until Jan. 8th, 1997,
when a person who was a part of our circle of friendship died of a drug
overdose. Our crew had never been heavily involved with drugs but
unfortunatelly our friend, my love, had been, and he lost the battle
against drugs. This virtually killed us all and it killed the entire
planning of LOVE TRIANGLE because the event was supposed to be dedicated
to him. It ultimately killed GEMINI PRODUCTIONS - the loss was far too
great to bear.

	A few months of mourning had passed, and we realized that we
needed to continue our mission. We met that person because of the scene,
so we felt it was imperative that we add to the scene that has given us
that wonderful person. But now we come at you at a different angle: we
called ourselves the GENESIS PROJECT. It is our project to bring back the
way the scene was in the beginning. We are dedicated to the rebirth of
that old skool vibe. We hold on to the ideology of ONE PEOPLE - ONE MUSIC
and to producing events that are for you and not for our wallets, and we
hold on to giving you events with thought of you being the sole factor. To
these all we add the struggle to bring back the old skool vibe: when
dancing was the issue and not the sq. ft. of the venue; when you were
introduced to DJs you never heard of but who were just as good as the well
known headliners; and when drugs were not necessary. This all is to be
done not just for you but for the person that we have lost: he is the
energy which fuels our goals. We stand against the drug dealer, the drug
abuser and the thief. We stand against the producers and promotors that
give us a $30 rave in a box. We want the old skool crews and the new skool
crews to embrace what we stand for. This project is not MY project - it's
OUR project. YOU are all members of the GENESIS PROJECT because it is
about US and OUR scene. We promise you that with you we can gain back all
that we, together, have lost.

	With Peace Love Unity Respect,
	Gabriel, 6 yrs veteran going strong, a founder of the GENESIS

	Come celebrate life at SPECTRUM.

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