The Genesis Project
Space Kadets Collective


dedicated to ED-e Billian 1-8-97 R.I.P.

Space Kadets Collective, NYC. Just returning from Europe with wax hot off the presses. This funkmasta will slam you beyond recognition. Be prepared.
Tommy Tunes and Gonzo
Digital Domain, NYC. This duo never let us down! See them AGAIN for the first time tearing up in a wicked tag team.
Space Kadets Collective. NYC. A vital member of the east coast posse! Hear him as he shakes you up and makes you tremble, begging him to never stop.
Space Girl
EDM Records, NYC. The Russian Princess heard at Techno Nation is gonna blow your mind once again with her live performance
G. Gewell
The Genesis Project, Philly. Stopping at nuttin', this man will bring you to your knees in praise - straight up ass-shakin' shit. Don't miss this!
Ian Mac
This guy is soon to be a household name. Come and listen and soon you'll be addicted to his sound, crying for another fix - 'nuff said.

Jan. 09, 1998. PA Location TBA.
Keeping with the old sKool Flava : $10!
9 p.m. SHARP

212.629.2009 - - 718.390.7274 - - 215.552.8991

Layin' down the cardboard for the breakers... much respect.

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